Bring us your most complicated projects, and let’s solve them together.

MKM Custom LogisticsIn a world full of automation, there’s always a part of the process that is still best done manually. We’ve found that’s a key inefficiency of many retailers – but at MKM, it’s one of our greatest strengths.

Our customers bring us a variety of challenges every day. Because we’re flexible and focused on retail, we’re built to handle those special projects. Special projects allow us to get creative, develop the most efficient solution, adapt our resources and get the job done. We treat our customers like family, and we treat your product as if it’s our own.

Why MKM?

  • No project is too manual, too small or too rushed.
  • Special projects are unlimited, but include display builds, ticketing, reticketing and mold removal.
  • Avoid common miss-steps through our experience earned through of over 30 years continual service in retail.
  • Dedicated 3PL services focused on moving your products.