Our promise to deliver retail third party logistics began in 1981.

MKM Distribution Services began as MKM Trucking in 1981 delivering to 26 retail stores along the East coast. Founder and President William J. Hurley saw a problem in the trucking industry. Instead of being proactive, he felt he was getting caught up in the chaos. So, he started MKM Trucking as a company dedicated to honest service, clear communication and customer success.

While our business has changed with the retail industry, our core principles have not. We care about our customers like family. We communicate clearly. And we’re flexible enough to adapt to situational changes, same day.

At MKM, we stay true to our heritage to deliver on a promise. From transportation to warehousing, and distribution to reverse logistics, MKM has evolved over the last 35 years to solve customer problems and get the job done right.