Large or small, you name the time and the place. We’ll be there.

MKM Transporation Services
Through our transportation division, K&L Logistics, we offer a wide variety of transportation services from large and small loads, to drop shipping, store day definitive deliveries, pool distribution, and spotting services. Our long-term relationships with major retailers have sustained and grown as a result of our ability to meet their delivery requirements and continuously improve our logistics operations.

Yard Management

K&L Logistics has operated Yard Management services as a dedicated, onsite service at the customer’s facilities for over 20 years. We have managed these services throughout Indiana and Maryland, and execute thousands of trailer moves per month for our customers. With MKM’s spotting service your trailer pool status is closely tracked by carrier, trailer or even by trailer type and load. We execute thousands of trailer moves a year. MKM has multiple spotters, and can rapidly expand its fleet to meet your needs.


You need to keep your freight moving, your docks clear, and your trailers secure and accounted for. We get that. That’s why we maintain a highly dedicated and capable workforce, servicing our equipment regularly, keeping backup equipment nearby and maintaining excellent repair and maintenance relationships with our vendors – ensuring your business is not interrupted by preventable circumstances.

MKM Benefits

  • Increase productivity by keeping your staff focused on operations.
  • Improve load times with trained, expert drivers
  • Decrease operational costs by eliminating insurance, training and more.
  • Improve shipping yard safety and security, with trained, qualified operators.
  • Eliminate detention expenses and equipment shortfalls by eliminating all equipment ownership.
  • Streamline payables with pricing that encompasses all labor, equipment and maintenance costs

Why MKM?

  • We save you money by controlling repair and employment costs and eliminating trailer detention fees.
  • Specifically designed services ensures shipments are received according to customer-defined delivery days and times, within an hour-specific window.
  • Proven supply chain efficiencies that can lower costs and lead to improved inventory velocity.
  • Reduced staffing hours at your stores dedicated to receiving operations, allowing you to optimize sales opportunities.
  • Special handling from pickup to final delivery, using specialized equipment, such as cargo vans, dedicated trailers, and RF scanning devices.